Company Profile

  • The information you need to clarify the issues.
  • The expert presentation you need to educate and persuade.
  • Technology that provides the fastest, most accurate and thorough research.

Dr. James M. McClurken has more than 30 years’ experience in research and consulting on issues of concern to Native American tribes and First Nations. A specialist in ethnohistory—the academic discipline that combines anthropology and history—McClurken leads a team of skilled and experienced associates in researching, preparing and presenting the information your case demands.

Ethnohistorical Services, Reports, Manuscripts & Presentations:

  • Ethnohistorical reports
  • Affidavits and written testimony
  • Court testimony
  • Book manuscripts
  • Museum exhibits and interpretive programs
  • Professional presentations for government and other agencies
  • Popular education and training
  • Mapping land transactions, land use patterns, and land occupancy
  • Cataloging and accessioning of documents

Research Specialties & Tribal Issues:

  • Tribal archives
  • Archival research
  • Historical and ethnographic research
  • Land acquisition, fee-to-trust
  • Community and oral histories
  • Tribal land use and occupancy
  • Tribal environmental history
  • Federal acknowledgment
  • Genealogy, membership and enrollment
  • Political successorship
  • Treaty preserved properties
  • Reservation boundaries
  • Political jurisdictions
  • Hunting, fishing, water and other resource rights
  • And more